Headline Kit

Generate hundreds of unique headlines & titles — that are like psychological magnets for your reader's attention.

Use them for: Blog titles or topic ideas, blog headlines, email subject lines, Twitter & Facebook posts, banner ads, text ads, sales pages, and more...

Start by entering your
In other words, who are you trying to reach? Some other examples: home owners, credit card holders, busy moms, etc.

And then your
Not all plural words end in an "s" you know. :)

Completes the phrase "How to __________." This should be the main message you want to tell people about. Begins with a verb. (e.g. Make More Money. Create a Giant Email List. Write Killer Copy. Code Like a Pro.)

Completes the phrase "So that you can __________." Supports your main benefit. Begins with a verb. (e.g. Spend More Time With Your Family. Have an Instant Cash Machine. Create Content Faster. Create Amazing Web Tools.)

This is the thing your audience wants more of. Noun. (e.g. Blog Content. Amazing Recipes. Income Sources.) Usually completes the phrase "I want more __________"

An objection your audience has. Usually addressed directly to the reader using "You, You Are, or You're." Completes the phrase "Even if __________." (e.g. You Hate Writing Copy. You Couldn't Code Your Way Out of a Paper Bag. You're a Beginner.)

The main negative feeling your information or product is supposed to improve. Should complete the phrase: "You often feel __________." (e.g. Like You Can't Do This. Like Quitting. Just Plain Stupid. Unable to Get Things Done. Like a Big Fat Freak.)

The thing your reader feels is holding him back. If they only had this thing they could have everything else. Completes the phrase "I could succeed, but I don't have __________." (e.g. Any Willpower. Anyone to Teach Me. A Clear Roadmap.)

Whatever it is that your audience hates doing. Completes the phrase "Even if you hate __________." (e.g. Writing Tons of Copy. Taking Photos. Angry People.)


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